VGM Acapella: Volume 4

by Smooth McGroove

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Tinyman thumbnail
Tinyman Probably my favore album of yours Smooth. The song selection is superb.
I have not yet played FF VIII yet but your version of The Man with the machine Gun really made me want to play it. Or at least listen to the soundtrack. Favorite track: Final Fantasy VIII - The Man With the Machine Gun Acapella.
Daniel Major
Daniel Major thumbnail
Daniel Major I hesitated between Xenogears and Donkey Kong Contry 2. I like both of them a lot. Favorite track: Xenogears - The One Who Bares Fangs at God Acapella.
Florian thumbnail
Florian I don't know what I shoudl write that I did not write for the other albums of Smooth, great, a must have for everyone loving the olde Videogames and their great soundtracks. :3 Favorite track: Super Mario Bros 3 - Athletic (Overworld 2) Acapella.
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