VGM Acapella: Volume 9

by Smooth McGroove

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Florian thumbnail
Florian Man finally the next masterpiece for my Smooth Collection. Just great game soundtracks in the most beautiful form they ever were, acapella by the most handsome man witht eh best voice in the world Favorite track: Super Mario 64 - Koopa's Road Acapella.
Leivan thumbnail
Leivan Lorule cat is an acceptable alternative to Sonic for an album cover, sir. But three eyes? Favorite track: Super Mario Land - Birabuto Kingdom Acapella.
bobogauntice thumbnail
bobogauntice Great album! Looking forward to more secret of mana! Favorite track: Secret of Mana - A Bell is Tolling Acapella.
Joseph Harrison
Joseph Harrison thumbnail
Joseph Harrison You are an exceptional talent and I appreciate that you continue to share your wonderful gift with the world. whatever modicum of success you're at, I hope that it only ascends further and you live well
peace ✌ and blessings Favorite track: Mega Man X - Opening Stage Acapella.


Smooth McGroove Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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