by Smooth McGroove

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This song is primarily about JEREN.


I know this dude named Jeren and he's lookin' real fine
and no I'm not a homo but I gotta-try-ta make him mine
'Cause he holds all of the secrets that the ancients once kept
but the way to Jeren's heart is proving you once have lept, from a

Volcano or a cliff, or an airplane into danger
Without fear, crying, screaming, waking babies in their mangers
He can smell your fear from a thousand miles away
and if you try to deceive him well today's your last day

You can bet he doesn't want a coward or a liar comin' up to him sayin' "can you be my friend?"
Maybe you can man on up and lay it down in front of him and show-him you are strong enough to go out on a limb
He's got enough ladies lining up around the block to fill 747's loadin' up around the clock
A lotta' men are cryin' every single day, prayin' for a Jeren day, but they can't afford the the price to pay

All the women want him and all dudes want to be Jeren
but the fact of the matter is that there's only one Jeren
He's got and internet following that forms a giant group
He can translate ancient tablets using alphabet soup

Which he rarely does though it fetches big money
He doesn't even need it cause he sweats pure honey
and his fans send him gifts, make him gifs, jump off cliffs, just for the
once-in-a-lifetime honor of seein' Jeren take a sip, of his

Famous oat stew, that's right he's a stew-chef
You may say, "what's a stewchef?", well you've probably never seen a stewchef cause there's
Only ONE stewchef and it's Jeren cookin' it up!
He's known for only fillin' friends and families cups

With his decadent sludge that he boils all night
every night, all night, every night, it's outta sight

He can do a dance, that makes everybody, pee their pants and make a mess, and cause stress, he's on a mission
With the jerry-berry-blitz, and the jerry-berry-twist he's rilin' up the world!

You can do the jerry berry blitz, and the jerry berry twist
you can imitate the best, just like the rest
Come on Jeren show the world what you got now,
He's gonna show you his dance, he's gonna show you his skillsssssssss

His dancing skills

Check him out y'all


Jeren's powers grow with every fight, and every fight that he fights
he destroys his opponent and leaves a sticky mess on the ground
He wages war when provoked and when provoked he starts to smoke
out of his butt hole and that when you run away or die

Cities topple, buildings fall, mountains melt, and rivers stall
When Jeren says so cause he does what he wants when he wants
Sovereign nations all bow down when Jeren comes around
They know they can't match his skills, yeah they've all heard this song

He's lived for thousands of years, and caused innumerable tears
and broken so many hearts, i just don't know where to start

His flow's unbreakable
Swagger unshakeable
His style's impeccable, and you can't do anything when he competes and beats a prize bull

Girl's want to marry him, but a mate would only slow him down
and besides you know that he'd never ever share his crown
He's left everyone he's met depressed, torn up, and so forlorn
What's scary is you haven't even seen his final form...


released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Smooth McGroove Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Video Game Music Acapellas

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