VGM Acapella: Volume 7

by Smooth McGroove

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Leivan thumbnail
Leivan Smooth clearly tried to capture the majesty and grace of his cat with this album image. A perfect 5/7. Favorite track: Final Fantasy VII - One Wingel Angel Acapella.
Florian thumbnail
Florian Great, wonderful, beautiful as always, just have to get any album he puts out and everyone should to support Smoot's great work <3 Favorite track: Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow - Route 1 Acapella.
Alexei Staruk
Alexei Staruk thumbnail
Alexei Staruk I have seven words for you: Literally every song is better a cappella.
Charles Martin
Charles Martin thumbnail
Charles Martin My favourite studying music-- Favorite track: Zelda Majora's Mask - Oath to Order/Calling the Four Giants Acapella.
Michael Dettmer
Michael Dettmer thumbnail
Michael Dettmer Smooth McGroove is the reason I have a bandcamp account. Keep it up Smooth, your work never ceases to amaze us! Favorite track: Super Metroid - Brinstar Green (Overgrowth) Acapella.


Smooth McGroove Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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